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Welcome to TOSSER

Bespoke made to order custom cornhole boards.

We have beautiful handmade , hand painted, hardwood boards

for every aesthetic and need.

Choose a design for personal use or let us create

the perfect medium for your brand.

Simply ask for a quote on a custom style of your own.


Browse through our website to find favorites and or inspiration.

Get in on the fun!

We can make any design you can think up!


to Tosser

Orders placed for standard board designs are typically fulfilled within 72 hours of order.*

Custom orders will recive a fulfillment estimation upon order. 

* Dependent upon demand and volume



Hand Crafted Art

Tosser Cornhole Boards; run by owner Lisa Delafontaine, started from a passion born of  home based games bringing people and family together. Initially a project to create, " game day and night" options at home on a large scale.  Lisa quickly recognized the opportunity to combine creativity and interaction with the passion for outdoors in a medium resurging in popularity with the game of Cornhole. The opportunity for social activity boundless on a personal or business level. 


Tosser Cornhole Boards invites clients to customize and combine their personal or business aesthetic with social activity and pure fun! 

Our passion is handcrafted products that bring people together. We are focused on the age old idea of the beauty and joy of games, combined with wood work and art. 

Have a board design in mind? Drop us a message and we can design it for you!



5630 Larson Place West Vancouver BC


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